The mobile application - messenger and organizer for psychologists.

Mobile professional community of psychologists.


1.Psychogram© is a mobile application – a messenger and organizer for psychologists which also constitutes a virtual office of a psychologist. The primary goal of Psychogram© is to unite psychologists into a network professional community and also, to organize the relationship between psychologists (psychotherapists) and those who wish to get advice from such expertsts . Psychogram© complies with all the requirements of the psychologists’ work process, and the most important of them – the confidentiality of personal information..

2.Registration in Psychogram © is divided into 2 parts: for psychologists, psychotherapists; and for visitors who need apsychological consultation. Respecting all the rules of anonymity, Psychogram © is designed so that the registered visitors will not see each other. Even psychologists do not see visitors. Visitor can be seen only by a certain psychologist and only in case if the visitor chose him(her) from the list of psychologists and addressed to him(her). The visitors can't see each other which creates a secure virtual space forindividuals. There is an implemented possibility for psychologists to upload any psychometric test. It can be used if a psychologist wants to get primary information about a visitor beforeconsulting the person.

We strongly recommend that when registering psychologists and psychotherapists specify their professional competence, because one of the possibilities for a person to find a psychologist is to select the competence of a psychologist. : Please tell about your work experience (upload scans of the diploma, certificates, retraining and so on) and put your own picture on avatar. It would be great if you indicated the place you work, but, of course everything is at your discretion of the professional.

3. Recommendations from the developers: the basic principle of a psychologist - "Do No Harm". We strongly recommend you to work with professionals not with charlatans. They can easily be recognized: they usually are supporters of Dianetics or Scientology and other similar pseudo-scientific heresy, usually they don't have real certificates or their certificates initiate from a dubious enterprise (on american slang - a mickey mouse company:)) However, these speculators, who plays on people's feelings is easy to identify because all their "sensational" postulates don't have justification. They are willing to promise you the results in a one day, but remember that it is impossible, that’s just a trick. Do not be swayed by fraudsters. Be careful. is recommended that the visitors ask about the qualifications of the expert. Communication with uncertified specialists is only at your own risk. Try to look for a psychologist who works in a specialized center, or has his or her own office. Ask a psychologist to show the photo of a cabinet or a working place..

5. What about psychologists, we recommend you when registering upload scans of your diploma, certificates, retraining and so on.

6.If you have any questions to the developers, click “Support” and write to us.

7.For privacy, the passwords are stored encrypted, so if you suddenly forget your password, it can not be recalled, but you can restore access by creating a new one.

ATTENTION!!! PSYCHOGRAM (C) like many other messengers requires Internet access. MAKE SURE YOUR DEVICE HAS ACCESS TO THE INTERNET (WI-FI, Mobile Internet)