The mobile application - messenger and organizer for psychologists.

Mobile professional community of psychologists.

1.1."My client’s menu" is a structured organizer that stores appointments and other relevant information about the client. The menu is structured. Each visitor has a separate tab with the data about him, chat history, etc. With such menu, a psychologist can keep a schedule of consultations, and also communicate with colleagues or visitors. The visitors can't see this menu.

The Portfolio is a collection of personal materials, where you can upload the necessary documents (books, magazines, articles ...).The visitors can't see this menu.

2.The Psychodiagnostic. In this menu, you can add diagnostics instruments. The visitors are able to see this menu.

3.The First aid kit. Each psychologist has an individual first aid kit, where he(she) describes his(her) own methods of the first actions in a crisis situation. The visitors are able to see this menu.

4.The Colleagues section . a complete social network for psychologists. You can create a groups, there is a built-in forum and keep your own blogs. Moreover, you can change the background of your account.

5.At the moment you use the beta version of the Psychogram (c). In this version, the chats are constructed in such way that if the psychologist is chatting with some visitor, and at the same time, another visitor writes to him, the psychologist is notified by a special sound signal, but isnot able to respond immediately until he stops talking with the first client. Or the psychologist can leave the chat for a short time to see who wrote him, and then go back to the conversation. New message from the person is marked with yellow and red circle.