The mobile application - messenger and organizer for psychologists.

Mobile professional community of psychologists.

1.o address a question to a psychologist, you need to find him or her. To do this, press the button "select a psychologist". You can choose a psychologist by his competency. For example, if you have a question related to the relationship within the family, it is essential to selecta psychologist who has competence in family matter – a family therapist. If your question is related to the work with the staff, you should choose a psychologist with relevant competence. To refine your search, we added the option to display a list of psychologists, who is online..

2. Once you have selected the psychologist, you will see the psychodiagnosis menu and the first-aid kit of the selected psychologist. If you want to write to the psychologist it is necessary to click on the "Chat with psychologist" button. The psychologist will be informed that he(she) has received a message. You should remember that the psychologist will be able to see your messages in the chat, and your personal information, only if YOU ADD him or her to “Favorites”. Otherwise, he(she) won’t see your messages and information. But remember, you can add to favorites even a 100 of psychologists, but the communication in chat can be only with the current one. For example, you add to “favorites” 3 psychologist: John, Sigmung, Carl. You can communicate in chat only with one of them at a time To communicate with another one, you must choose him as a current psychologist by clicking on "Select psychologist" button

3.It is not forbidden to change the specialist after communicating with him or her. To choose another psycologist, you just need to add him or her to “favorites”. For professional reasons Psychogram © does not provide multichats. Nevertheless, you can first talk with one psychologist, then choose another psychologist (psychotherapist) and share your problem with both of them in different chats. .

4.Pay attention to such sections as "My diary" and "My questionnaire". It can be used by psychologists working with you. This personal data is available to psychologists you trust and have added to “favourites”.. At the same time, this feature can be used for yourself . Just keep your virtual diary, it is your secure personal virtual space.

5.At the moment, you use the beta version of Psychogram (c). In this version, the chats are constructed in such way that if the psychologist is talking with some visitor, and at the same time, another visitor writes to him, a psychologist will be notified by a special sound signal, but will not be able to respond immediately until he stops talking with the first client. Or a psychologist can leave the chat for a short time to see who wrote to him, and then go back to the conversation.